About Us

Corporate philosophy

  • We are branches of the vine.
  • All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.


Our business

We support when you are in the following cases

  • Control the fluid in the pressure sensor
  • Support the development project
  • Development of new sensor
  • Control by the built in microcomputer
  • Precise control by converting analog to digital
  • Brush up existing products and reduce the cost

We are challenging our expanding from Tokyo to the World since our establishment.
Tem-Tech aims at No.1 supplier of sensor products in the world in cooperation with users.

Company Profile

Company name Tem-Tech Lab.
Head office 2-7-13 Tsukishima Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
CEO Mitsuyoshi Aizawa
Establishment 1982 May
Capital 85Million Japanese Yen
Employees Engineering: 32, sales/ Admin13
Our business
  • System house on the electronic measurement.
  • Joint development of sensing and automation for physical quantity as pressure, flow rate, temperature and weight.
  • Development and manufacturing of pressure sensor for special use as UC grade, high-temperature fluid and corrosive fluid.
  • Data processing and collection system used in racing car and robot.
Professional membership SEMI committee, SSI, Japan Society of Next Generation Sensor Technology, Japan system house committee, Vacuum Society of Japan, Japan, Embedded Systems Technology Association, The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan

The society of Instrument and Control Engineering
受賞歴 2004: Excellent New Technologies and Products Award 2006: Tokyo Venture Technology Award 2008: Projects to support the advancement of strategic core technologies


Head Quarter 

2-7-13 Tsukishima Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL 03-3534-5324  FAX 03-3534-5322

Tokyo Office 

3-2-9 Tsukuda Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
TEL 03-3534-5320  FAX 03-3534-5322

Osaka Branch 

8-12-401 Minami Kawahori-cho Tennoji-ku Osaka City, Osaka, Japan
TEL 06-6776-9270  FAX 06-6776-9271

Iwate IoT Lab 

Takizawa IPU Innovation Center #206 152-378 Sugo Takizawa-shi Iwate,Japan
TEL 019-601-9196  FAX 019-601-9197

Overseas partner

Purchasing and product support

■South Korea


TEL : +82-31-365-4101 


Morich Trade Co., Ltd.

TEL : +86-4-2251-0888  FAX : 886-4-2251-8007 


TEMC, Inc. (NV) (TX)

TEL : +1-775-219-9459  FAX : 1-775-453-9257 


Azbil Europe NV (BE)

TEL : +32-2-785-0710 



TEL : +86-21-5854-1899  FAX : 86-21-5854-1800 


Hywing Technology Co.,Ltd

TEL : +86-021-6428-0590 


Tem Trade(Shanghai)Co. ,Ltd.

TEL : +86-159-0184-7636 

Azbil group

We are one of Azbil group. Please feel free to contact us for any azbil product you need.

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