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Notes Of Installation

What is the temperature rating for high temperature sensor?

SE800S fluid temperature is less then 150 degree C, SE800SH fluid temperature is less then 200 degree C.
The temperature means fluid temperature and ambient temperature surrounding the sensor is room air temperature.
Our high temperature measurement design is not only heat-resistance condition but also the damage such as corrosion caused by fluid activation.

Is there any method to reduce the noise effect?

Please keep a distance from noise source.
Using ground connection, isolator and noise filter is recommend.

Will cyclic pressure pulsation effect the pressure measurement?

When cyclic (pulsation pressure) happen, there is a several times normal operation pressure to the pressure sensor.
It is possible to reduce the effects of cyclic with the orifice, damper and other features

Is there any method to reduce the dew condensation?

The dew condensation can be reduced by humidity adjustment and temperature adjustment.
Please use air-conditioning system to decrease the humidity.
When fluid is at low temperature, please keep a distance from flow to eliminate the temperature difference between the sensor and surrounding temperature.

What are IP (ingress protection) ratings?

Ingress Protection rating is used to specify the environmental protection which is formatted as "IP" followed by two digits. The first digit indicates a protection level against solids such as dust, and the second digit indicates a protection level against liquids
The standard aims to provide users more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as waterproof.
It is commonly used standard in Japan.
Note : IP code is for reference only.

What is water hammer?

Water hammering is a pressure surge or wave caused when a fluid (usually a liquid but sometimes also a gas) in motion is forced to stop or change direction suddenly (momentum change). A water hammer commonly occurs when a valve closes suddenly at an end of a pipeline system, and a pressure wave propagates in the pipe. This pressure wave can cause over pressure damage to sensor diaphragm.

Which sensor can be used for chemical and DI water dispense supply system?

The sensor with stainless diaphragm is not able to used for chemical, DI water pressure measurement.
We recommend the sensor with PFA diaphragm and ceramic sensor module.

Notes Of Performance

Can I check the pressure range on model code?

Pressure range does not appear in the model code.
So, please inform us both of the model code and the pressure range that will meet your application.
It is said that the twice of normal operation pressure is suitable as a full scale range.

Is it possible to choice the material of the sensor diaphragm

We will recommend you the best material of wetted part suitable for the fluid and other piping materials. We have variety of sensor material, such as hastelloy, sus316l, PFA, and ceramic.

Do you have Hazadous type?

Our product, HYP-B series is certified as safe explosion-proof construction pressure transmitter.
HYP-B is also listed as explosion-proof construction

What is EP treatment?

EP treatment is one of the grade of surface finish. EP means Electro Polishment.
It is said that EP treatment promise an effect such as “unti-corrosive, durability” “cleaning performance” and “reducing deposition attachment”

What is Absolute pressure range? And do you have other pressure range?

General pressure sensors are scaled and measuring based on atmosphere.
Absolute pressure sensors have vacuum area in diaphragm, and the pressure range is scaled based on the area.
Our products have some kinds of pressure range.
The basic 2 types are gauge pressure and absolute pressure. Gauge pressure has gauge pressure setting atmosphere as offset, and Compound pressure setting absolute as offset.

What happens on pressure sensors with over the proof pressure

Proof pressure: pressure value that is possible to damage specification of sensors but does not cause diaphragm crush
Burst pressure: pressure value that is possible to cause diaphragm crush
However when you add pressure over than the proof pressure, it may cause sensor broken. So, in that case, please replace the products as fast as you can.

What is the Strain Gauge?

Load conversion gauge or strain gauge is a kind of ways to measure change in shape.
The concept is the change of the resistance structured on the opposite side of diaphragm
Most of all our products are load conversion type.

What is Coriolis method?

Measurement method derived from Coriolis force.
Measurement of flow meter derived from torsion changes caused by a fluid in the vibrated U-shaped pipe
Coriolis mass flow meter can measure mass flow quantity with high accuracy in comparison with a volume flow meter

What is Pt100Ω?

A way to measure temperature value with the change of platinum resistance.

Other Notes

Documentation with products

1 sheet of test report for each item is shipped with products.
For the first business relationship, 1 set of an operating manual and a specification sheet will be shipped with products.
If you need other documentation, please feel free to contact us.

Can you manufacture other products outside of catalog?

All our products are designed from customers’ idea. We have a lot of development products customized outside of catalog.
Please feel free to contact us.
Because our motto is ---

Length of cable

In case of 2 wire 4-20mA cable, it is extendable up to hundreds meters. In other cases, cable length is sometimes affects accuracy of products materially.
Please feel free to ask us with development and application information.

Discontinued Products

Discontinued ModelNew modelRemarks
Display NPS4200AL/NPS4200PMA420-NTD2NPS1000A Series
SCM2100 SeriesSE1000 Series(Low vaccum)
Display NPS6200 SeriesNPS6220 seriesPanel-mount type:NPS1000A series
Display NPS6400 series-
Low pressure sensor SE900 Seriespressure range: ±10kPa only
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